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Tier 1 - Health status and outcomes

1.06 Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease

Data visualisation

Note: This visualisation was last updated last updated in January 2023. For some topics, more recent data can be found in the data tables (last updated March 2024).





Data sources

This measure was last updated on 21 March 2024. See table below for details of updates by data source.

Updates to measure content by data source


Data source

Latest time period reported

Measure content last updated

Burden of disease

Australian Burden of Disease Study 2018


31 Jan 2023

Prevalence, incidence and prophylaxis treatment

National Rheumatic Heart Disease data collection


21 March 2024


National Hospital Morbidity Database (NHMD)


31 Jan 2023


Archived content

Previous versions of the data tables are available on the Access data page, under ‘Archived data’.

Previous versions of the website text for this measure are available on request in PDF format.

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